İdil Sanat ve Dil Dergisi
Cilt 12, Sayı 111  2023/11  (ISSN: 2146-9903, E-ISSN: 2147-3056)
Zafer EREN

NO Makale Adı

Our laments, folk songs and folk dances, which have an important place in our Turkish Folk Music, have taken their most colourful place in that unique mosaic of Anatolia. Bayburt is one of the provinces that make up these mosaic colours. Binali Selman is one of the most important persons who created the colours of this mosaic in Bayburt. Selman admirably performed mey and zurna, the wind instruments of the Turkish Folk Music. Selman’s unique interpretation and unique repertoire have left deep traces in the music world, not only in the region where he was born and raised, but also in all regions of Anatolia. His name was identified with the province of Bayburt and became known as Binali Selman from Bayburt. He is the first person that comes to mind when people think of mey and zurna. Every musician who devoted himself to these instruments tried to improve himself by listening to Binali Selman. He contributed to the traditional music of Anatolia. In addition to the records, he accompanied very famous performers. He kept playing the zurna and mey, which he started playing at a young age, until his death. This effort made him a doyen of "zurna and mey" instruments. In this study, innovations made by Binali Selman in "mey and zurna" instruments are mentioned. In addition, folk songs that Binali Selman brought to the Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) Turkish Folk Music Archive are included. In this context, the main idea has been to introduce Binali Selman by addressing his outstanding success in the performance of mey and zurna, and to transfer his works and style to new generations. How the artist started music in Bayburt, his arrival in Istanbul, his artistic works, and his advice are examined. The information was supported by interviews with her children Deniz Selman and Mahir Selman, who are also musicians.

Keywords: Binali Selman, mey, zurna, türkü, bar