İdil Sanat ve Dil Dergisi
Cilt 12, Sayı 103  2023/3  (ISSN: 2146-9903, E-ISSN: 2147-3056)

NO Makale Adı

Calligraphy, illumination, miniature, binding, marbling and Turkish paper cutting arts have a very important place in Ottoman book arts. The Turkish paper cutting art in these arts and flowers, one of the most basic motifs used in this art, are also very important. The forms and methods of application of Turkish paper cutting arts, especially in Turkish decorative arts, come from the Ottoman and before. Towards the middle of the 16th century, with the increase in the love of flowers and culture among the Turks, it began to be used more in Turkish paper cutting art works. Towards the end of the 16th century, developments in Europe affected the art understanding of the period. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the use of flowers with a naturalist and semi-naturalistic approach in decorative arts had its heyday. The naturalist style, which became widespread in the 18th century, continued throughout the 19th century. Purpose of the study; It is thought to make the flower motifs widespread and develop in the art of Turkish paper cutting art, which has a unique place in the art of Turkish book decoration with its original construction techniques, to fill the gap in this field with the discovery of the art of Turkish paper cutting art and to contribute to Turkish culture.
Keywords: Turkish Paper Cutting Art, Floral Motif, Naturalist, Şükufe