İdil Sanat ve Dil Dergisi
Cilt 11 Sayı 99  2022/11  (ISSN: 2146-9903, E-ISSN: 2147-3056)
İlhami DİKSOY, Münevver ASLAN

NO Makale Adı

Cinema: It is one of the most important social communication tools of our time, as a rich art form under the seventh title, appealing to our sense of sight and hearing. Events and situations in every subject can be conveyed to the audience by using the visual power of cinema. Documentary cinema is one of the genres in which cinema can most effectively convey its visual power to the audience.
Documentary cinema, which has a language and design within the framework of its own rules, is an important communication method that appeals to the emotional dimension while informing the society as a branch of art. Due to this quality, it is defined as a 'special genre' in the art of cinema and it is said to be one of the ways that the desired message reaches the receiver.
Today, we live in the age of communication, our environment is surrounded by many works on visual communication design. Poster design, which has an important place in these design works, stands out from other graphic design works in terms of its ability to reach the majority of the society easily and its power of expression.
The viewer who has no knowledge of the film; Movie posters, which allow people to get an idea about the subject, content and actors of the movie, should be remarkable in this context. For this reason, the arrangements in the design principles-elements used in order to convey the message given on the poster to the audience and to be perceived correctly are gaining importance.
Graphic designer to reflect the character of a movie; In order to reveal the simplest expression, he has to convey a lot of information about the movie with few visuals. In this study, which was prepared considering this situation, it was tried to investigate how the "Sivas" movie poster conveyed the information about the movie to the audience with the visual communication elements and design principles it used. For this purpose, the "Sivas" movie poster chosen as a sample has been examined with the semiological analysis method, which focuses on how expressions, emotions and wishes are produced and visualized in the form of visual reading.

Keywords: Poster design, movie poster, documentary movie poster, semiology, semiology