İdil Sanat ve Dil Dergisi
Cilt 10, Sayı 87  Kasım/2021  (ISSN: 2146-9903, E-ISSN: 2147-3056)
Ayşe Berna KALKAN, Merve SOYCAN

NO Makale Adı

This research is a content analysis study in which studies on individuals with special needs and music education are handled in terms of various variables. In the research, it is aimed to examine the studies on individuals with special needs and music education conducted between the years 2000-2020 in Turkey. For this purpose, the distribution of studies according to publication year, publication type, university, journal in which they were published, subject area, type of disability, sample level, number of samples, research method, data collection tools and data analysis method were analyzed. The research group of the study consists of 27 articles, 27 master's theses and 4 doctoral theses, which were scanned with YOK National Thesis Center and Google Scholar on individuals with special needs and music education. Therefore, the contents of 58 studies included in the research were examined according to year, publication type, university, journal, subject, type of disability, sample group/number, research method, data collection tool and data analysis methods. The research is considered important in that the content analysis of the studies on individuals with special needs and music education gives an idea about the methods, data analysis, sample group that they will use for the researchers who want to work in this field in the future, and that there are few similar studies done in the field. The findings obtained from the research were arranged according to sub-problems and presented descriptively as frequency and percentage tables. In the research, the most studies on the subject were conducted in 2011 and 2016, these studies were published as articles and master's thesis, the most postgraduate thesis was published in Gazi University, the article was published in the Journal of the Faculty of Education of Abant İzzet Baysal University, most of the studies were conducted for mainstreaming students, and the most The results were obtained as many quantitative data analysis methods were preferred.
Keywords: Individuals with special needs, music education, music therapy