İdil Sanat ve Dil Dergisi
Cilt 10, Sayı 78  Şubat 2021  (ISSN: 2146-9903, E-ISSN: 2147-3056)

NO Makale Adı

Playing an instrument requires the body to be in a position against the natural posture of the instrument, and there is a risk of bodily problems that may arise from playing the instrument at any level of the musician's life. With this study, it is aimed to search in detail the physical risk factors that may be caused by the playing an instrument and how to protect from these risk factors, to include theoretical information on the subject, to raise awareness on the subject, and to be a source. In line with the purpose of the study, local and foreign sources related to the subject were reached by using the literature review method. The data obtained in the study were classified in line with the subject and purpose of the study and presented as subject headings. Risky situations that cause physical ailments in musicians playing musical instruments; Overuse, misuse, repetitive movements performed in wrong positions, carrying the weight of the instrument for a long time, the quality of the instrument, the use of unfavorable body position, the technical difficulty of the repertoire, intensive work before the concert, overstrain, performance anxiety, psychological stress caused by the pressure to be perfect. To prevent injuries caused by these negative situations, to give appropriate rest breaks during the study, to warm up the body structures used with physical exercises before to work, to protect personal health, to choose appropriate practical environments, to develop the correct practical habits, to benefit from ergonomic principles, to choose suitable instruments and furniture, It will be helpful to be aware and develop safe equipment handling techniques.
Keywords: Instrument performance, bodily problems, risk factors, protective strategies, warm up exercises