İdil Sanat ve Dil Dergisi
Cilt 9, Sayı 75  Kasım 2020  (ISSN: 2146-9903, E-ISSN: 2147-3056)

NO Makale Adı

The art of painting is a style of expression that is formed by applying various images on the surface with the help of spots, lines and textures. This style of expression is about the interaction between the artist and the outer world. The artist who is sensitive to the outer world, makes the metaphorical items, that he/she cretaed in his/her own subjective structure, a part of his/her composition and creates the objective construct of the various disciplines of the art of drawng. This concept thet is called the work of art or the product, reflects the artist representation of the universe of styles that is reflects. From this point of view, the art of painting renewed the representation mechanism in different centuries and made a change in the expression language. In the current age, art proceeds specific to body of individual acts and the characteristic features of the artist. The process of buillding modernism reflects missing the idealism of being a peaceful and democratic society rather than an approach that praises the world order where the differences and the dissociations are inevitable. For this reason, missing the concepts such as peace, love and tolerance is expressed so the emergence of emotional analyses that is in the subconscious and is fed with imagination becomes inevitable. The range of awareness that the philosophers try to reveal objectified the ideas that guide the artists. The modernist philosophy of art that evolved into a thought centered production process, succeeded in bringing together the artist and the society. The modernist image that is used in almost every branch of art, is dealed by the artists in every period although the styles vary. The artist who produces as long as he/she has something in return in his/her own society, transferred the same thought to the ages after him/her and made his/her warning. The concepts that are handled in abstract compositions is not only the reflection of the artist’s spiritual world but also the description of his/her inner world. The artist who is affected by the society he /she lives in pyschologically, transferred his/her scream into the form based on his imagination, and rehandled in the form of image difference. While some of the artists took part in politics actively, some of them approached the events from the point of the view of the society. Different concepts and images such as newspapers, magazines, various occupation representatives, spies, crime, capitalism, imperialism, food items, soldiers, politicians, officers, students, civil public and peasants formed the outlines of the works of art. These works of art that are exhibited in different parts of the world and in the public buildings are known as works of art that give messages and codes to the future. Modernist image forms the reflection of the expression language of the artists who create abstract and concrete compositions. The common point in the works is the manifestatşon of broadening the viewpoint and the imagination of founding a society where there is deep thought, mind, justice, peace and tolerance. Modernist image is in fact the symbolist understanding of visualised utopia of the concepts such as prosperity of people, clean society and free thought.

Keywords: Modern art, painting art, conceptual image