İdil Sanat ve Dil Dergisi
Cilt 8, Sayı 61  Eylül 2019  (ISSN: 2146-9903, E-ISSN: 2147-3056)

NO Makale Adı

Watcher/follower is an unreplacable part of artwork. Beginning from its existence, art includes a factor that watches and follows itself. It has existed in the triangle of artist, artwork, and watcher/follower. This watcher/followerhas changed just like the artist in art’s historical continuum. At the moment of encounter, interaction has evolved in time. The encounter moments in which it includes watcher/follower and certainly must include in watcher/follower, has converted art and follower interaction into relationality beginning from 1960’s. Watcher/follower has become subjects who experiencing the production process as going beyond watching and realising the production process. Any more the artist can go into replacement with the audiences while fictionalising the production and creating fictions that contains audiences too. In contemporary art practises watcher/follower can steal role of the artist’s from time to time and this forms the production process’ itself within astist’s wish. In artworks as of watcher/follower to get out of the passive watching position, in the manner based on togetherness and relationality, a new aesthetic understanding appears of which its interaction is provided with the artwork’s all levels. It is an understanding that cannot be measured up within a manner of classical aesthetic acclaim of criterias and bench marks. In these productions the encounter moments of watcher/follower realizes with interactions full of surprises by being pulled of from its traditional contexes.

Keywords: Art, Relationalty, Contemporary Art, Encounter