İdil Sanat ve Dil Dergisi
Cilt 6, Sayı 35  Yaz III 2017  (ISSN: 2146-9903, E-ISSN: 2147-3056)

NO Makale Adı

In this research, it was aimed to determine the opinions of pre-school teachers about music activities. The study group of the study is composed of 30 pre-school teachers working in the official institutions in Mersin city center. A questionnaire form structured by the researcher was used in the research according to the opinions of the experts. This survey was form which is consist of personal information form and open-ended interview questions. The questions in the questionnaire and the qualifications of pre-school teachers about music education, the opinions about who should and should be given music education, the level of knowledge about music activities, the tools they used in music activities, the activities they are involved in music activities, Children's singing repertoire and music activities. As a result of the research, it was found that 13.4% of pre-school teachers found themselves very competent in music education, 40.0% found adequate and partially adequate, 3.3% did not find themselves adequately, music activities were performed by field specialists (36.7%), 24.4%) should be given. It was found out that the teachers used the most drums and maracas during music events (n = 14), the most music listening and speaking activities (f = 18) and rhythm studies (f = 16). In addition, teachers did not experience any problems in their musical activities (66.3%) and found that they had problems due to inadequate musical instruments in the class (f = 18). It was also determined that the teachers found themselves suffi- cient (n = 13) and tried to develop themselves in this regard (f = 12).

Keywords: Preschool, pre-school teacher, music events